Why Shoreditch?

As a group we started off debating whether to choose a topic or an area as the focus of our blog; a difficult decision as both had pros along with cons. We decided not to go for a topic as it was clear that we would not be able to write a vast amount of information and eventually become repetitive, thus, negatively impacting our blog.

Therefore, we decided to pick an area. We could focus on the history in more depth by selecting sub-topics to research and write about. It took us a fair bit of time to decide on the potential areas, but in the end we concluded that Shoreditch was the best area to pick.

Shoreditch has a lot to offer, from street food to nightlife, thus being very popular among the locals and tourists. The main attraction for Shoreditch for us was its artistic and historic background. The businesses are all independent in Shoreditch rather than large corporate companies that can be seen in every other area of London. As an urbanised area, Shoreditch appeals to everyone as there is much to explore in this unique place.

We also decided to go for Shoreditch not only because of its popularity in London, but we were curious because we believed it must have an interesting history behind it. Therefore, we decided to focus on Shoreditch throughout the 19th and 20th century, more specifically we shall be exploring the living standards, crime, mortality, entertainment and architectures – whether it was good or bad change.


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